Efile Your Business Income Tax Extension Form 7004 With ExtensionTax.com

In this taxation world, every corporate business, partnerships and certain trusts are mandate to file and report tax through the applicable tax form. However, there are times when you really don’t have time to file and report your tax. and in such cases, you can file an extension via form 7004 on or before the due date of your income tax return, i.e. 15th of March. Additionally, we have good news for you. Usually, IRS do not accept tax return during the weekends, and if the due date falls on a weekend, the next business working day is treated as the due date to file and report the extension or the tax form. The same implies here, as 15th of March is falling on a weekend, 16th of March is treated as the due date to file and report the income tax return or if you are filing the extension.

All You Need to Know About IRS Form 7004:

IRS form 7004 is filed to extend the time duration for filing certain income tax returns. However, there is one point you need to remember, these extensions serve you with grace time to report not to pay your tax. You are liable to pay your dues to the IRS when you are filing this extension. Also, extensions would be granted only if proper estimation is made and filed by the actual return date for which this extension applies.

The form is divided into 3 different parts. Part I is for filers who are filing for 5 months extension and part II is for 6 months extension filers. However, part-III is mandatory for filers to file and submit, which contains details about your organization, amount due and balance to be paid to IRS. This form should be mailed to IRS on or before the due date. If you’re efiling with ExtensionTax.com, the whole procedure is simplified and converted into one online application, where you have to key in your information and the application would take care of the rest.
Now it all depends on the form you are filing and that will also tell you, if you are applicable for 5 months and 6 months of extension. You are mandate to file your tax return by the end of the extended time i.e. 15th of October.

Check the forms and their extension period below:

1065  1041 (estate)
8804  1041 (trust)

Income Tax Form that is eligible to get 6 months extension to file their return the IRS.

706-GS (D) 706-GS (T) 1041-N 1041-QFT
1042 1065-B 1066 1120
1120-C 1120-F 1120-FSC 1120-H
1120-L 1120-ND 1120-ND(section 4951 taxes) 1120-PC
1120-POL 1120-REIT 1120-RIC 1120-S
1120-SF 3520-A 8612 8613
8725 8831 8876 8924

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Where and How to File IRS Form 7004:

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If you have still not created an account with ExtensionTax.com, you still have time to do, as the time filing season is approaching soon and so the due date. Remember, 16th of March is not too far from our calendar. Filing online save time and the environment, surely a great step to take this tax year. So, wait no more and create an account with us today! For any queries or feedback call us at 1-866-245-3918 or send a mail to support@extensiontax.com.