Electronically File Your Individual Income Tax Extension

The very reason IRS designed an efiling program for filers to save time and money. In 2009, nearly 100 million taxpayers filed using the e-file system. Efiling is one and only method that offers faster receipts of refunds and returns, and saves taxpayers from errors that could arise through postal, logistical or human factors.

What Is E-file?

The IRS initiated an electronic tax filing initiative in 1986, and that has blossomed into the current federal e-file program. You can e-file as an alternative to filing your taxes on paper through the postal system. The e-file system instead relies on the Internet and electronic forms. In 2009, nearly 99 million american taxpayers e-filed their tax return, while one-third of the crowd e-filed through their personal computers.

How to E-file:

You can either e-file through a certified paid tax preparer, or you can e-file on your own from your home computer through a certified efiling service provider like ExtensionTax.com. At our end, we have an application designed in the format of the form you need to file, with the questions to be answered. While you are efiling, you would be assisted with error check app, which would thoroughly check the content mentioned. Any errors found, you would notified.

E-file for Extensions:

The e-file request for an extension is a very common form. As of 2001, you can file a Form 4868 extension via e-file. The due date to file your individual income tax return is April 15th and if you are not going to file your return by the due date for various reasons, you should definitely file form 4868 and buy 6 months of additional time.

Too Late to E-file:

There are times, when your return would be rejected or not accepted by IRS. Don’t worry, you can efile your tax return after correcting the errors and transmit the same to IRS. And this is the only reason, we request our tax filers to report and file extension form much before the due date. If you are late and the due date to file an extension is already over, you need to report your income tax return at the earliest in order to avoid penalties and interest.

On a conclusive note, all we can advice here is, get your papers in place. And if you are not able to do so, you know where you have to come? ExtensionTax.com is the authentic efiling service provider, supporting your business and personal income tax extension. Filing doesn’t take much of your time either!

Need more assistance to understand the requirements about extension tax? Our Tax Experts are around 365 days during the business hours. Pick your phone and dial 1-866-245-3918 or email us your queries to support@taxexcise.com. You can expect instant answers from our end.