Extension Laws Followed In Wisconsin

Filing taxes is mandatory for every U.S Citizen by April 15th of the year following the tax year. However, there are times when you’re not able to meet the deadline and don’t have time to file federal individual income tax return, you can apply for an federal extension and once it get approved, you obtain an extension to file your federal return as well as file your Wisconsin state tax return.

Also, keep in mind gaining an extension, does not mean that you don’t have to pay any taxes owed by the original deadline.

Filing an Extension:

To gain extra time to file your Wisconsin State Tax Return, you need to file a Federal extension, which requires to you submit Form 4868. However, if you’re looking out for an error free filing and immediate response from IRS, then you can always join hands with Tax4868.com, a product of ThinkTrade Inc. We serve you our products with golden spoon whipped with better services offered by our tax experts and step by step assistance. What else can you ask for? We give them all.

However, right after you complete filing your form at our website, you have gained six-month extension to file both your federal and Wisconsin state tax returns.

Automatic Extension if you’re Outside the Country:

However, if you’re residing outside States or Puerto Rico on the original deadline of your filing taxes, i.e. 15ht of April, you will receive automatic two months extension to file your state and federal return, and here, there is no requirement to file form 4868. All you need to do is, attach a statement to your Wisconsin State Return explaining that you were out of the country on April 15th.

Also, this is for people who’re residing outside U.S. but a citizen of the nation. You all got to file form 2350 to get a two months extension to get your paper work done. However, do note that this extension does not give you the permission to pay your dues; it’s only for your paper work. Dues are liable to be paid on or before 15th April of the tax year. Visit our dedicated website to know more about form 2350.

Special Extensions:

Well, if you don’t need an extension to file your federal tax return, you qualify for other circumstances by which IRS allows a federal extension. Do note if you are serving in a combat zone or a qualified hazardous duty area, IRS allows for an extension. If you want to avail benefits and qualify for an extension to file your Wisconsin State Tax Return under these provisions, fill the form 4868 and attach it along the state return.


If you opt for an extension to file your Wisconsin state tax return and it is determined that you owe your taxes as well, you will be charged a penalty of interest rate depending upon the state and the amount of tax liability. If you want an extension and you know you have owed IRS money, you can file an estimated tax return and pay the estimated tax liability, simply to avoid the interest. This way, you’re exempt from paying any penalties.

However, IRS always recommends tax payers to file their return online to add ease and eliminate errors. So what are you waiting for? Come and register with Extensiontax.com, we guarantee you, there will be no regrets left behind.