Form 8868- Application For Extension Of Time To File An Exempt Organization Return

Paying taxes is one of the core responsibilities we hold towards our nation. Few of the tax form come along with an extension form, which provides you with extension of time to file your return. This extension form comes in for your rescue when you are no ready with your paper work. 

When it comes to government and exempt organizations, we had always assumed they are free from paying taxes as they belong to the Government and they really have nothing to do with taxes. However, that’s not the truth. Though exempt organizations are non-profitable, they have to file taxes through the following form.

Form 990 Form 990-BL
Form 990-T (sec. 401(a) or 408(a) trust)                  Form 990-T (trust other than above)
Form 1041-A                      Form 4720
Form 5227                           Form 6069
Form 8870

They don’t have to pay taxes as they are exempted from the same, but they need to report. Like every other form, these exempt organizations are also applicable for extending their time to file their return to the IRS. Form 8868 is the application for Extension of Time to File an Exempt Organization Return, avails you with 3 months of extra time (6 months for a corporation required to file Form 990-T). This is not the end; you can apply for another 3 months of extension if your previous extension was no enough to get your papers ready. However, do note, you cannot apply for both the extensions together i.e. automatic 3-month extension and the additional (not automatic) 3-month extension at the same time.

You are required to file form 8868 by the due date of the return for, which you are filing an extension and if you are requesting for an additional 3- months extension, file form 8868 by the extended due date of the return. Automatic 3 months extension (6 months for a corporation required to file form 990-T) will be accepted if the form is filed and the dues are paid on the line 3c by the due date of the form you are applying an extension.

Do note form 8868 does not provide you extra time to pay your dues. It serves you with extra time to get your documents in place and file by the end of the extended period

Now about the form, it is divided into two parts, I & II, where part I is applicable for the filers who are applying for automatic 3-months extension of time to file an organization’s return and submit the original form to IRS. And Part II is used to apply additional (not automatic) 3 months extension. Also, keep in mind that original documents are required for both the parts, no copies would be accepted.

Also, the trustee of the trust required to file form 1041-A / Form 5227 must make use of form 8868 to request an extension of time for those return. These instructions are applied to such trusts unless the context clearly requires otherwise.

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