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What Happens When The Extended Due Date For Form 4868 Is Over?

It’s been a long time since we really updated anything at ExtensionTax.com. However, it is time for a new update. We are going to talk about form 4868 and the consequences faced if you miss filing the tax return form 4868.
As you know, the last date for filing an extension for form 4868 is April 15th of the calendar year, and you get 6 months of extended time to file your return. Your return would not be counted late as long as you submit your income tax papers by October 15th.
The extended time is to get your paper work in place, not to pay your dues. When you are transmitting your extension form via ExtensionTax.com, you need to pay your dues to the IRS, and transmit your return to the IRS. However, IRS would not send you confirmation regarding accepting your extension; however, IRS would get in touch with you if the extension is rejected.
Before we drop into the penalties and interest, let’s touch the basics first. Continue reading