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Form 7004: Due-Date is right around the corner!

ExtensionMarch 15th will be the deadline to file your business income tax return and if you need more time to file, it’s not too late to e-file an extension with . Missing your tax deadline can incur hefty penalties & Interests. is your one-stop e-filing solution for IRS tax extensions. E-filing an extension for your business tax return is quick and easy…

Form 7004: supports e-filing of IRS Form 7004. This form can automatically extend your filing deadline for up to 6 months; depending on your business type. It is not complicated to fill out and only requires  few business details to complete. Form 7004 can be e-filed by Multi-Member LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, and Estates.

  • Please Note: E-filing Form 7004 will not extend the time you have to pay any taxes due. It is only an extension of time to file your business tax return.

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Claim Extension of Time online to file your Income Tax

Exempt Organisations across USA file their income tax returns on 990 series of forms based on the type of business they are into. It is not at all unusual for an organization to need an extension of time to file their Form 990. Sometimes the annual audit isn’t finished, sometimes the CPA is too busy, sometimes the financial records are not yet in order. Whatever the reason, the first extension request is automatically granted. But you still have to file the extension request form on or before the due date of the Form 990. If you are one day late filing the extension request, it is not valid and the IRS will charge a penalty each day the Form 990 is late.

If you have claimed extra time and still you need of some more time to complete your returns you can claim Form 8868 well with in 15th of August.

Get Extra Time!

Check out the due dates for Exempt Organisations as Corporations and Trust

You cannot ask for 6 months with the first extension. You only get 3 months per request, for a maximum of 6 months. This is the time to file your 2nd request with the IRS. Part 2 of Form 8868 is used to request an additional 3 month extension. You’ll need to give a reason.

If your organization is required to file Form 990-T because it has Unrelated Business Taxable Income, and if you need an extension of time to file Form 990-T, you must file a SEPARATE Form 8868 for the 990-T.

You only need to apply for one extension for the 990-T because the extension that pertains to the 990-T is for 6 months.


Must Know Information about Tax Extensions

The number of extensions filed by individuals & Businesses to the IRS has always been increasing ever since it came into existence. Only easiest way for these millions of taxpayers to file for an extension is to E-file it through  As an Authorized E-File Provider, can securely send your tax information to the IRS instantly. Here are some commonly asked questions about Tax Extensions: Continue reading

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Apply For Extension Of Time To File Business Income Tax Through Form 7004

Every corporate business, partnerships, and certain trusts are mandate to file and pay tax through the applicable form. However, due to the time constraint and the workload, IRS has considered this and provided taxpayers with extra time to file your tax return if they file an extension.

What Is Form 7004?

This is an application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Business Income Tax, Information, and other returns, allowing you to gain extra time to report IRS with the required documents if you don’t have them handy. The due date to file form 7004 falls on 15th of March and it is liable to file the extension by the due date if you wish to gain extra time to report IRS with your business income tax.

However, this year 2015, March 15th is falling on a weekend, and thus, 16th of march would be the due date to file and report form 7004. Do note, extension would be granted only if proper estimation is made and file by the actual return date for, which this extension applies.

The form is divided into 3 different parts. Part I is for filers who are filing for 5 months extension and part II is for 6 months extension filers. However, part-III is mandatory for filers to file and submit, which contains details about your organization, amount due and balance to be paid to IRS. This form should be mailed to IRS on or before the due date. If you’re efiling, the whole procedure is simplified and converted into one application. Key in your information, the application would take care of the rest.

Depending upon the form, you can gain 5 months and 6 months of extension. You are mandate to file your tax return by the end of the extended time i.e. 15th of October. Continue reading