Certain ‘if’s to File an Extension for Tax

Federal tax returns are due by April 15 every year. But, there is a provision with the IRS to request extension of time to do the same. Form 4868 has to be returned to the IRS which gets you an automatic 6-month extension for you to file your income taxes. Obtaining an extension to file doesn’t mean an extension to pay your taxes. You have/ought/should/must do the same by the given due date. We hope all of us including you, know this. In case you are going to file for the very first time, we hope the information is clear.

Have you ever wondered if there are any ‘if’s to claim an extension of time for filing taxes? Yes or no, here we present to you certain ‘if’ items to remind or instill in your mind respectively.

Inadequate Tax Information

Granting time to transform, data imperfection to tax perfection.”

For just an asking, you get an addition of time. That’s what IRS says through form 4868 for filing federal income taxes. Additional time means more time to return accurate documentation to the government. Talking about a practical example, if you’ve lost the W-2 your employer sent you, it is better off to wait for the duplicate one to reach you in the meantime and then file the taxes. So, if that’s the case, it is where you take an extension of time.

Surprising Life Events

Surprise that can stop tax surprises”

IRS understands the ability of life events to interfere with your ability to file taxes. Under any circumstance that may leave you unable to file taxes on time like birth, death, illness or anything like that, it is to be considered an important ‘if’ condition to apply for an extension. While the IRS does not need an explanation for extension, you have all the reasons to pay it on time and take an extension request.

The Time that Can Save you Some Tax

Spending some time to extend can save money to some extent”

If you think that an extension of time that can in turn get you some substantial tax savings, well you can apply for an extension. For example, an IRS conversion may take some time in the meantime, filing an extension can eliminate your obligation to pay the tax.

An Important ‘If’

If it’s an e-file extension, it is extensiontax.com

It’s an undoubted statement that e-file is the best option to file any tax form. Extension tax form 4868 is not an exemption. What makes the difference is, knowing the users and making the usability of the tax software as simple as expected. And if it is that, it is extensiontax.com

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