Exempt Organization Can File Form 8868 To Gain Extra Time To File Return

Welcome back filers; hope you are pink of health. Today’s topic for our blog is form 8868. This form is an Application for Extension of Time to File an Exempt Organization Return. If you are ready with your papers and need extra time to file your return, you can file form 8868 and request for 3 months extension of time (6 months for a corporation required to file Form 990-T). This is not the end, you can also request for additional 3 months of extension if the original 3 month was not sufficient to get your papers ready. However, do note, you cannot apply for both the extensions, i.e. automatic 3-month extension and the additional (not automatic) 3-month extension at the same time.

In addition, the trustee of the trust required to file form 1041-A or Form 5227 must make use of form 8868 to request an extension of time for those return. These instructions are applied to such trusts unless the context clearly requires otherwise.

The form is divided into Part I & Part II, with its own criteria. Use Part I to apply for an automatic 3-months extension of time to file an organization’s return and submit the original form to IRS. Here, no copies are required. Part II is used to apply for an additional (not automatic) 3-months extension. Tax filers are required to file original form with IRS, no copies required.

However, do note, automatic 3 months extension (6 months for a corporation required to file form 990-T) will be accepted if this form is completed, filed paid the dues on the line 3c by the due date for the return the extension applies.

When Should You File Form 8868?

Generally, you need to file form 8868 by the due date of the return for which you are requesting an extension, or in the case of additional 3-month extension, by the extended due date of the return. It is important to note that, while requesting for an additional extension, file the form 8868 much before time. There is a reason behind that as well. If your form is rejected for any reason, you can correct the errors and re file the form before the due date.

Where Should You File Form 8868?

This is the most crucial question asked by filers. Well, we have an answer for your question but you need to make a choice. If you have time and like doing things manually, you can go with paper filing form and mail the same to IRS at the mentioned address in the instructions. Other set of people who do not have much time to file yet, they file for obligation, can choose ExtensionTax.com to file form 8868. However, there are no hard and fast rules on who can use our application; every filer is welcomed to file an extension with us.

What is ExtensionTax Expertise In?

ExtensionTax.com is an authentic efiling service provider, to file and pay your extension online. With less time in hand, paper filing would surely not support you with positive response. In such cases, efiling form 8868 should be efiled and transmitted to IRS for further action. We are here always available to serve you with authentic service and ensure 100% customer support.ExtensionTax is developed with the aspect of adding ease and user-friendliness to the application and filing process. With the basics strong, we are heading and supporting as the junction for filers to file an extension for their tax return.

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