Four Reasons to E-File your Extensions with

  • It’s green. Filing electronically takes the paper, envelopes and stamps out of tax filing. If you bank online, pay your bills online and shop online, why not do your taxes online too? It saves the environment and saves you from a trip to the IRS office.
  • It’s safe. You don’t have to worry about your important files being lost in the mail. Your information isn’t handled or shared with anyone; it just goes straight to the IRS.
  • It’s fast and easy. You can file your tax extension in minutes, without ever leaving your house. Once you’ve sent it off, it takes just a couple of days to get approved.
  • The IRS prefers it. Seriously, go to their website, they’re all about e-filing. It’s faster, safer and easier. With the paper forms, you don’t get a confirmation from the IRS that your paperwork has been received and approved, but you do with e-filing. is an IRS Authorized e-file service provider who is a BBB accredited business with A+ certification. has a LIVE Support Center with Tax experts available at 1-866-245-3918 or simply Email to