March 15, 2024, is the Last Date to Extend Your Business Income Tax Deadline! E-file Form 7004 now!

Hello, business income taxpayers! If you can’t submit the business income tax reports on time and need the extra time, you must not miss this chance to apply for a business income tax extension using the IRS Form 7004. Once applied, you can enjoy the automatic six-month period to report your business taxes with appropriate proof and supporting documents. Remember that this Form 7004 extension does not apply to your business income tax payments. You must pay your taxes at least 90% using your original tax form and apply for the automatic extension using Form 7004 by the deadline.

Understanding the Importance of Form 7004.

Form 7004, officially known as the “Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns,” is a document filed with the IRS to request an extension for filing certain business income tax returns. This form allows businesses to request additional time to file their tax returns beyond the original due date. By E-filing Form 7004 at, businesses can secure an automatic extension from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and gain additional time to complete their tax filings accurately. If you apply for Form 7004 by March 15, 2024, the IRS doesn’t ask for any reasons for your extension request; you can enjoy the time till September 16, 2024, to file your business income tax reports.

The IRS form 7004 is common for business tax extension applications for all types of businesses and their original tax forms. You should check out the eligible form number of your business in form 7004 and apply for the business tax extension from the IRS. You can also file Form 7004 if you are reporting for a short tax year or your company operates out of the United States. It doesn’t have an office or any other place inside the U.S. Please remember that the IRS doesn’t give extension time for tax payment; you should pay the tax dues fully by March 15, 2024, and apply for extensions to submit your tax returns using form 7004.

Business income tax forms that are due by March 15, 2024.

  • Form 1120-S
  • Form 1065
  • Form 1042
  • Form 1065-B
  • Form 3520-A
  • Form 8612
  • Form 8613
  • Form 8804
  • Form 1066

Common Businesses that file Form 7004.

Though Form 7004 covers almost all types of businesses and organizations operating in the United States and are liable to pay business income taxes to the IRS, certain major business types use Form 7004 business tax extension the most. They are,

  • Limited Liability Companies or LLCs
  • Partnership Firms
  • Corporations
  • S-Corporations
  • Trusts, Charitable Institutions, Estates, etc.

And their original forms will be form 1120, 1120S, 1041, 1065, etc. There are 33 original/parent business tax forms in which you can apply for a tax extension using form 7004. Among the 33 forms, you can only paper-file (not e-file) form 7704 if your original/parent form is 8612, 8613, 8725, 8831, 8876, or 706-GS(D). You can paper file form 7004 extension directly at the IRS counter or mail your form to the IRS.

Please note that you can e-file form 7004 for only one original tax form by checking the appropriate option. If you apply Form 7004 business tax extension for more than one original tax form, you must file Form 7004 separately for each original form.

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