Must Know Information about Tax Extensions

The number of extensions filed by individuals & Businesses to the IRS has always been increasing ever since it came into existence. Only easiest way for these millions of taxpayers to file for an extension is to E-file it through  As an Authorized E-File Provider, can securely send your tax information to the IRS instantly. Here are some commonly asked questions about Tax Extensions:

What is the turnaround time when a tax extension is filed?

With, this process takes only few minutes (about 5 – 10 minutes). If you are still in Stone Age and believe in traditional paper filing method it could take days to mail the return, and even longer for the IRS to actually process it.
What type of reasons do I need to frame to file for an Extension?

Another name for IRS is Question bank they always have billions of questions when you file your taxes or when you are visited by them for an audit. Surprisingly, the one and only thing where they do not ask even a single question is when you file for an extension. E-file an appropriate extension Form on time and its granted to you by the IRS, no questions asked whatsoever.
Which Extension form do I chose?

IRS Form 7004 – Business Tax Extension

IRS Form 4868 – Personal Tax Extension

IRS Form 8868 – Nonprofit Tax Extension
How will I know if my extension is approved or rejected?

If you are one among the smart thousands that chose to E-file their Tax Extension you will receive an email notification once your Extension is processed & accepted or rejected by the IRS. This typically takes maximum of an hour. The Outdated paper filing process will not provide any sort of notification to let you know if it has been accepted.
Do I need a lot of Information to E-file for a Tax Extension?

Extension Forms are one of the simplest tax forms that you will ever file with the IRS. Efiling the same with makes it even simpler. All you need is basic contact information, filing status/business type, and an estimated tax amount.
Is E-filing for an Extension an option for people without access to a computer? is completely mobile friendly and can be accessed from any Smartphone. We have even developed apps that can be downloaded for free for both Android & iOS. Below are the links to download our Apps:



Do I get any help if I have any questions or doubts when E-filing for an Extension?

YES! We have assigned the best Tax Experts to assist you with your E-filing process. They can be reached @ 1-866-245-3918 or you may write to them @ .