Looking for optional time even after 6 month extension?

In general, almost all the tax payers are permitted to avail a 6 month tax extension by filing Form 4868 for U.S individual income tax, except when you are bounded by the U.S instruction policy. The policy states that you can avail 6-month extension unless you want IRS to figure out your tax or you are under a court order to file your tax by the regular due date.

Apart from the automatic extension without filing any form, there is another possibility for extension. Those who are out of the country are eligible to request an optional time period of additional 2-months to file your tax returns next to the 6-month extension. For the calendar year tax payers, it is Dec’15. You have to send a letter briefing the reasons that demands additional two months to Internal Revenue Service, to request this extension. See that the letter reaches the below address before October’15, extended due date for calendar tax payers. You will get a reply of update from IRS, only if your request gets denied for being late.

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX 73301-0215

You are not eligible to use this discretionary 2-month extension by IRS if:

  • You already own an approved extension of time to file on Form 2350
  • Form 2350 is for U.S citizens and resident aliens abroad who wish to be qualified for special tax treatment.

Do not extend any more of your time to knowing how to file a tax extension. File it with us right away to avoid last-minute worries. Reach us at 1-866-245-3918 anytime.

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