Criteria under Form 7004-Automatic 6-Month Tax Extension – Part1

March 15, 2013 falls as deadline to file taxes for certain Businesses that follows calendar year tax period. Let us take you through the insights of the forms that qualify for an extension through Form 7004.

  • Annual withholding tax return for U.S Source Income for Foreigners: If you are a foreigner and you are not able to file your Form 1042, annual withholding tax return for U.S source income by March 15. You can file Form 7004 for getting automatic six month extension.
  • U.S Corporation income tax return: If you have a business that owes U.S Corporation income tax Form 1120 which you cannot file before the deadline you can get an automatic 6 month extension by filing FORM 7004.
  • U.S Income Tax Return Of A Foreign Corporation: If you own a foreign corporation that is liable for U.S Income tax, which needs more time to file Form 1120-F.File Form 7004 for automatic 6 month extension. If you do not have office in the United States at this point of time, you can file for an extension by Jun 15, 2013.
  • U.S Income Tax Return Of A Foreign Sales Corporation: A foreign sales corporation, that needs some time to file its income taxes (1120-FSC), can opt for a 6 months extension by completing Form 7004 before the deadline.
  • U.S Income Tax Return for Home owners associations: If you are required to file income tax return, that is applicable for Home owners association and if you need more time to gather all your paper work to file From 1120-H. You can avail a 6 month extension by filing Form 7004
  • U.S Life Insurance Company Income Tax Return: If you are bossing an Insurance company in the United States, which needs additional time to file Form 1120-L. Then you may get a 6 month extension by filing Form 7004.

All the extension for the forms listed above fall under part-1 of Form 7004 and needs filing before March 15-2013. All the extensions last for 6 months. Need more clarification call 1-866-245-3918 or write to, the best in the business is ready to help you! This is why you have to file with