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Don’t Miss Out! Secure the Extension Time to Report Business Income Taxes for your Tax-Exempt Organizations. 

Hello taxpayers! It’s that time of the year – tax season! If you own a tax-exempt organization or are responsible personnel for taxes in such an organization, this message is for you. Today is the last date to report business income tax returns to the IRS or apply for an extension to report your taxes. So, submit your income tax reports by the end of this day or E-file the business income tax extension Form 8868 to get the extra time to report your taxes leisurely with proofs and supporting documents.

Tax-exempted organizations should report their income taxes to the IRS. 

Tax-exempted organizations, including charities, non-profits, educational institutions, health care centres, religious and other social welfare organizations, have attained a special status from the federal government that they need not pay any taxes. However, they must submit their income tax reports to the IRS every year without fail to retain their tax-exempt status. If a tax-exempt organization doesn’t report its income taxes for three consecutive years, it will lose its tax-exempt status. Therefore, tax-exempt organizations need to complete their tax obligations on time.

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