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Happy 4th of July! Extend Your Federal Income Tax Filing Deadline to OCTOBER 15

The ExtensionTax.com team wishes all a very Happy 4th of July! The IRS issued Notice 2020-134 on June 29, 2020, the automatically extended filing and payment deadline of July 15, 2020, will not be postponed, any taxpayers looking for further relief including those affected by COVID-19, who cannot pay in full should contact IRS for help. The IRS also encourages the affected taxpayers to pay what they can and consider a variety of payment options available for the remaining balance.  

“The IRS understands that those affected by the coronavirus may not be able to pay their balances in full by July 15, but we have many payment options to help taxpayers,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. “These easy-to-use payment options are available on IRS.gov, and most can be done automatically without reaching out to an IRS representative.”

Taxpayers unable to meet the July 15 due date can request an extension to file until October 15. However, this is not an extension of time to pay. Taxpayers must estimate their tax liability on the extension-form and pay as much as they can by July 15 to avoid possible penalties and interest.

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Many tax-exempt organizations must file information returns by May 15 or claim extension of time using IRS Form 8868 at ExtensionTax.com

The Internal Revenue Service reminded certain tax-exempt organizations that the Tuesday, May 15 filing deadline for Form 990-series information returns is fast approaching. Need more time to work on your papers or need extra time? then request IRS for additional time by filing extension tax form 8868 online at http://ExtensionTax.com and push your Due Date from May 15, 2018 to November 15, 2018.

Form 990-series information returns and notices are normally due on the 15th day of the fifth month after an organization’s tax-year ends. Many organizations use the calendar year as their tax year, making May 15, 2018 the deadline to file for 2017.

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Extension of time for exempt organisations

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Now Time to Claim Extra Time for Exempt Organization Tax Returns using Form 8868 at ExtensionTax.com

The Extension Tax Form 8868 for Application for Extension of Time to File an Exempt Organization Return is now Due on May 15th, just couple of days left. Form 8868 is used by an exempt organization to request an automatic 6-month extension of time to file its return and also to apply for an additional (not automatic) 3-month extension if the original 6-month extension was not enough.

IRS Tax Form 8868 is now Due

Electronic Filing is just $9.99

Extension of time can be claimed using IRS Form 8868, by reporting it with-in the actual deadline (May 15), gives you additional time to work with your paper work. Extension of time will push your due date from May 15 to November 15, this 6-month automatic extension of time can be claimed electronically (eFile) at http://ExtensionTax.com. You may also seek additional (not automatic) 3-month of extension if required, however IRS wants you to file this additional extension request as a paper return. Continue reading

Criteria under Form 7004-Automatic 6-Month Tax Extension – Part 3

Here comes the third part of “Criteria under Form 7004-Automatic 6-Month Tax Extension” next to Form 7004 tax extension part-1 and Form 7004 tax extension part-2. Again, all these Income tax returns listed under this part has to be filed before March’15, 2013. This extension is valid for 6 months.

  • U.S. Income Tax Return for Regulated Investment Companies:  If you are managing a regulated investment company, you have to file income tax return through Form 1120-RIC. If you are in need file an extension, file Form 7004 before March’15, 2013.
  • U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation:  If you owe to file Form 1120S and if you expecting for extending filing time, file Form 7004 before March’15, 2013.
  • U.S Income Tax Return for settlement Funds: If you are required to file Form 1120-SF taxes under 468B, you can go for an extension request before March’15 2013.
  • Annual Information Return of Foreign Trust with a U.S owner:If you are liable for Annual Information Return of Foreign Trust with a U.S owner via Form 3520-A, file Form 7004 to get automatic 6 month extension. The deadline is March’15.
  • Return of Excise Tax on Undistributed Income: If you are liable for excise tax return on Real Estate Investment Trust’s undistributed income via Form 8612, file Form 7004 for automatic extension. The last day to file this extension is March’15.
  • Return of Excise Tax on Undistributed Income: : If you are liable for excise tax return on regulated investment company’s undistributed income via Form 8613, file Form 7004 for automatic 6 month extension before March’15th of this year.

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