The Corporate Business Tax Extension Application deadline is just a week away!

Corporations should know that the tax season is here and the deadline to file for a business income tax extension application is just a week away. Corporate taxpayers or the CPAs should file their business income tax extension on behalf of their corporations on or before April 18th, 2022, to get the additional time to submit the tax reports to the IRS.  

IRS will charge heavy penalties, late fees, and interests if you missed the deadline and did not file for a business tax extension. So, it is essential for the corporates to never miss out on deadlines. If you cannot submit the tax reports to the IRS within the deadline, you should immediately apply for a business income tax extension before the deadline.  

April 18 Due Date for Extension Tax Form 7004 and Form 4868

Business Income Tax Extension Form 7004.  

Corporates use Form 7004 to apply for their business income extension to the IRS. They usually use form 1120 to pay and report the business income taxes. Form 7004 is the form to apply for the corporate business income tax extension. So, the corporations must apply for form 7004 if they can’t submit the tax reports on time to the IRS. Applying for tax extension time is standard for corporations because it’s not an easy task to gather all the accounting and documents before the deadline. The only important thing is the business income tax extension should be applied within the deadline. If not, the IRS would charge you with heavy penalties and interests.  

The deadline is April 18th, 2022. 

Application of business income tax extension form 7004 falls in the mid of the fourth month of every year, which falls on April 18th this year. So, the corporate taxpayers should file their tax extension form 7004 within this date to get the automatic six-month tax extension time from the IRS. Therefore, you will get an extension until October 17th to submit your tax returns to the IRS after completing all the accountings.  

It would be best if you also remembered that the business income tax extension time is only applicable for submitting the tax reports, not for tax payments. You should estimate the due tax amount of your corporation and pay them fully before the deadline, and then you can apply for a business tax extension time using form 7004 to file your tax reports.  

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Individual Tax Extension Deadline April 18