The Individual Income Tax Extension Deadline is Approaching Soon!

Hello taxpayers! The deadline to file your extension for your personal income tax is just a week away, and you should not delay e-filing your personal income tax extension anymore. Register for free at and e-file 4868 to get the automatic six-month extension time from the IRS. offers you a convenient online platform to e-file form 4868 to apply for a personal income tax extension to the IRS from the comfort of your home/office with your laptops or mobile phones. We also offer dedicated mobile applications for both Android and iPhone users to easily e-file and pay form 4868 to the IRS and get an extension on their personal income taxes. Our web and mobile applications are innovative and highly user-friendly, which aids in smoothly e-file form 4868 and paying any tax dues using the all the IRS authorized online payment methods.  

Tax Extensions April 18 Deadline

Form 4868 – Application for Personal or Individual Income Tax Extensions 

All the individual taxpayers of the United States should use form 4868 to request an extension for their personal income taxes from the IRS. Taxpayers using the forms like Form 1040, Form 1040-SR, Form 1040-NR, Form 1040-NR-EZ, Form 1040-PR, and Form 1040-SS must use form 4868 to apply for a personal income tax extension time. The IRS will grant an automatic six-month tax extension time till October 17th of this year to submit your tax reports.  

The deadline is April 18th, 2022 

Every individual taxpayer should remember that the deadline to file for an extension to your personal income tax falls on April 18th for this year. So, you should file your Form 4868 on or before April 18th to get the extension time from the IRS to file your personal income tax returns. If not, the IRS will charge you penalties, late charges, and interests based on the tax dues and time delayed to pay and report your taxes. Therefore, you should not miss out on the deadline to file your taxes, or you should not miss the deadline at least to apply for the tax extension to enjoy the automatic six months of additional time. IRS will not ask for any reason for your tax extension applications. Instead, you will be granted the automatic time extension once you apply for form 4868 to the IRS.  

Tax Extension is not for Tax payments.  

You cannot request an extension time to pay the tax dues. The extension time is only applicable to submitting or filing your tax returns to the IRS with all proofs and supporting documents. You should pay at least 90% of your total tax amount by filing your original tax form within the deadline. You can only pay the remaining tax dues and apply for extension time to file your tax returns to the IRS using the personal income tax extension form 4868.  

Get your Personal Income Tax Extension Time Now! 

E-file form 4868 now at and get the instant personal income tax extension time approval from the IRS. The process usually takes more than a few days in conventional paper filing methods. But e-filing form 4868 at just takes a few minutes to complete the entire form 4868 e-filing process and get the extension time. You can register for free and start e-filing form 4868 online at at the most affordable costs. Form 4868 personal tax extension starts at just $14.99 per extension application at  

April 18 Extension Tax Deadline