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Must Know Information about Tax Extensions

The number of extensions filed by individuals & Businesses to the IRS has always been increasing ever since it came into existence. Only easiest way for these millions of taxpayers to file for an extension is to E-file it through Extensiontax.com.  As an Authorized E-File Provider, Extensiontax.com can securely send your tax information to the IRS instantly. Here are some commonly asked questions about Tax Extensions: Continue reading

General Deadlines to file for Tax Extensions

Filing a Tax Extension with the IRS can delay your tax return deadline by up to 6 months.  Filing a tax extension can be very helpful to those with very complicated tax returns.  The additional time to file the return can give taxpayers and tax preparers more time to prepare the return. This allows for better attention to be paid to the little details of each return so that you may get the most out of your credits or refunds. Continue reading

Tax Form 4868: An Inside View

Taxpayers, Welcome back from the holiday season. We here at ExtensionTax.com had a wonderful holiday season & hoping for a fruitful Tax season as well. First great news from our side is that we have been certified by the IRS to accept all the Extension Tax Forms we support, those are: Continue reading

ExtensionTax.com Solution For All Your Tax Extensions

“May I place you on hold for a minute” how many times have we heard this in our lives? These exact words explain how tax extensions work. Filing for a Tax extension is nothing but keeping the IRS informed that you will file your Tax returns after a while. You may have more than enough money to pay off your Taxes but, you may not have the required paper works ready by the Due date. Extensions are more likely to be a gift given to tax payers by the IRS and the best way to file for it is through ExtensionTax.com. Continue reading

Consequences Faced If You Delay Filing Form 4868

So filers, how are you keeping today? With a new day and a long week ahead, we are starting with a blog post for ExtensionTax.com. Today’s topic is form 4868 and the consequences faced for filing a late extension.

As you know, the due date for filing an extension for form 4868 is April 15th of the calendar year, and you get 6 months of extension time to file your return. Your return would not be counted late as long as you submit your income tax papers by October 15th. However, do note, you are liable to pay your dues by the due date. The extension of time is only to get your papers in place, not for the dues you owe. Continue reading