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March 15, 2023, is the last date to apply for business income tax extension form 7004!

Hello business taxpayers! If you can’t file your business income tax reports to reports on time, you must apply for an extension using business tax extension form 7004. You will get the automatic six-year extension to file your business income tax reports with proof and supporting documents. However, IRS doesn’t give any extension to pay your tax reports. Therefore, you must estimate and pay your business income tax dues using your original form and apply for a tax extension using form 7004 on or before the deadline. Continue reading

It’s time to apply for tax extensions to get extra time to report your business and personal taxes!

Hello taxpayers! As the new tax year starts, you must report and pay your business and personal income taxes to the IRS on or before the deadlines. If you fail to report your taxes on time, IRS will charge hefty penalties, late charges, and interests over your tax dues. To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, they offer automatic extension time from three to six months based on your tax category. Therefore, you must apply for a tax extension to the IRS to avail the extra time to report your taxes to the IRS.

There are multiple tax extension forms for business and personal income taxes. Taxpayers must identify suitable income tax extension forms and apply them to the IRS within the deadlines. Let us look into extension tax forms, their purposes, and deadlines for your clear understanding. Continue reading