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IRS Form 8868: Extension of time to file Exempt Organizations taxes.

Are you an exempt organization, needing more time to file your IRS income taxes? The deadline is May 16th, but if you know that isn’t enough time, you can e-file a tax extension with www.extensiontax.com . To be precise, you will e-file IRS Form 8868 – Exempt Organizations Tax Extension. Continue reading

General Deadlines to file for Tax Extensions

Filing a Tax Extension with the IRS can delay your tax return deadline by up to 6 months.  Filing a tax extension can be very helpful to those with very complicated tax returns.  The additional time to file the return can give taxpayers and tax preparers more time to prepare the return. This allows for better attention to be paid to the little details of each return so that you may get the most out of your credits or refunds. Continue reading

Happy Holidays from ExtensionTax.com

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ExtensionTax.com Solution For All Your Tax Extensions

“May I place you on hold for a minute” how many times have we heard this in our lives? These exact words explain how tax extensions work. Filing for a Tax extension is nothing but keeping the IRS informed that you will file your Tax returns after a while. You may have more than enough money to pay off your Taxes but, you may not have the required paper works ready by the Due date. Extensions are more likely to be a gift given to tax payers by the IRS and the best way to file for it is through ExtensionTax.com. Continue reading

Form 8868 Tax Extension For Non-Profit Organization

May 15th is right around the corner and it means that Charities and Non-Profit (Exempt) organizations are now busy preparing their tax returns. Unlike businesses and individuals, the tax deadline for these types of organizations is May 15th (if their tax year is a calendar year).

If an exempt organization does not have enough time to prepare their tax return, the IRS will allow an additional 3 months to file the return if a Form 8868 is filed by the deadline. An IRS Form 8868 is an application for 3 Month extension of time to file a tax return for a Non-Profit Organization. This form can be filed electronically throughExtensiontax.com an IRS Approved E-File Provider.

This is the fastest and safest way to file for a tax extensionE-Filing form 8868 takes only few minutes and within minutes from filing, the IRS will accept the form.  Once the form is accepted, the filer will receive an email from Extensiontax.com.When paper filing this form there is no letter of acceptance, but it is nearly instant when e-Filing.

NOTE :tax extension does not extend the amount of time to pay the tax.  It extends the amount of time to file the official tax return. Any taxes due will still be due on thetraditional deadline or else there will be additional penalties and interest.

E-Filing form 8868 through Extensiontax.com is the easiest way of filing it. The application is very simple. Instead of filling out a complicated tax form, there are just a series of easy to answer questions. Extensiontax.com has simplified all the confusing tax jargon’s and created an incredibly simple application to E-File form 8868 with the IRS.

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