IRS Terms That You Need To Know When You File For An Extension!

Filing a Tax Extension is very simple when you use  All that is required to file it is basic information about your business.  There are few terms that one needs to know before submitting a Tax Extension for a Business, Individual, or Nonprofit Organization.

IRS Form 7004: This form is used by businesses such as Multi-Member LLCs, C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, and Estates.  This is commonly referred to as a form forBusiness Tax Extensions.  This IRS Form gives aTax Extension of 5 – 6 months.

IRS Form 4868: This form is used for filing Individual or Personal Tax Extensions.  This IRS form gives a Tax Extension of 6 months for personal returns, 1099 Contractors, Sole Proprietorship’s, and Single-Member LLCs.

IRS Form 8868: This form is used by Non-Profit and Exempt Organizations.This IRS form is used to apply for an automatic 3 month tax extension or a non-automatic (additional) 3 month extension.

Tax Extensions: Filing for a Extension with the IRS extends the amount of time to file a Tax Return.  It does not extend the amount of time to pay taxes.  The IRS wants the taxes to be paid by the traditional filing deadlines.

Filing Status: If you are filing for an individual tax extension, it is required to list your filing status (married filing jointly, single, married filing separately, etc.).The same way if you are filing an Extension for a business or nonprofit organization, it is required to list your business or organization’s type and the specific tax form that will be filed.

Business Tax Year: It is common to use the calendar year as the business tax year but that is not the case for every Business.If a business follows a different tax period, that needs to be specified.  Also if a business was started or ended during the year, its tax period may be shorter than a full year and that needs to be specified too.

Estimated Tax Amount: Tax Extension extends only the amount of time to file a tax return.  It does not extend the amount of time to pay taxes.  Therefore, you need to pay the full Tax amount that is due to the IRS by the traditional deadline. is committed to provide the Best in Quality and Service for all our users, / is a certified, IRS authorized, e-file service provider for Form 2290Form8849Form720 & Extensions for  Form4868,  Form8868 and Form7004. / are products of Think Trade Inc. We are a BBB accredited company with A+ certification.For any questions you may have regarding Excise Tax Filings please reach us at 1-866-245-3918 or simply write to us at